Girl Tied Up

Tied Up With Tape To Her Bed Then Tickled

by on Oct.20, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

This hot piece of student ass has been tape tied to her bed by her even hotter friend who then gags her helpless buddy and begins to tickle her whilst the captives boyfriend looks on laughing and taking pictures.  Things got a lot more serious though when the girl in the denim jacket began to suck off her friends boyfriends cock right in front of her whilst she was still tied to the bed.  At first she felt angry then that feeling was replaced with intense horniness as she could see the pleasure on her mans face as her best friend milked his cock with her mouth…


See how this bondage threesome progressed over at Amateur Tied.

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Blindfolded Girl Tied Up By Her Girlfriends

by on Oct.20, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

Wow check out this lesbian bondage orgy featuring blindfolds, handcuffs, gags, vibrators and leather restraints.  It started off with just the two naked chicks getting it on but then feeling horny at watching the other two girls were unable to resist joining in.  One grabbed the vibrator and began to rub it against her tied up friends clit whilst the other began capturing pics of what went down on her Iphone.  She wasn’t counting on her boyfriend finding the pictures though and posting them online


See these stolen pictures from this amateur lesbian bondage orgy only at Amateur Tied.

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Restrained With Ball Gag And Chains

by on Oct.20, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

Although not tied up in this particular set, this submissive wife has been brutally restrained with a heavy set of metal handcuffs and a brutal looking ballgag which doubled as a choker around her throat.  A chain then links the handcuffs to her throat straps making it impossible for her to escape her master.  Laying defenceless on the floor like this his sub can be easily abused by him.  Occasionally he will take advantage and begin to urinate over her letting his piss flow into her mouth and nose.  On this occasion though, he decided to simply fuck his chained wife.

ballgag and chains

She was clearly in some discomfort as he fucked her on the floor, the ballgag and choker making it difficult to breathe whilst the handcuffs and chain prevented her from being able to move much.  He emptied his load inside her then spanked her ass and told her she was a good girl!

See the full set of pictures from this amateur bondage sex session over at Amateur Tied.

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Hot Girl Handcuffed Then Tied Up On Bed

by on Oct.20, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

This gorgeous tall blonde Swedish sub slave has been handcuffed in her bedroom and forced onto her bed. Her aggressive boyfriend loved to dominate her and take advantage of this willing young nympho.  Taking pictures of her prone and helpless form he then began to bind her legs with a long length of rope.  Her legs seemed to stretch out for miles along the bed as he wound the rope around them cocooning her legs from foot to thigh.  Stepping back to survey his handiwork he began to take more pictures of this tied up slave girl and smiled to himself. “Life is good,” he thought.

handcuffed then tied on bed 

See this Swedish submissive girl tied up and submitted to Amateur Tied.

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Stockings Girl With Neck Tied Up Tight

by on Oct.18, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

A long thin white rope has been used to tightly tie this girl around her throat making it difficult for her to breathe.  The rope was then passed down her body and between her lovely long legs upon which she wore some sexy white stockings.  The rope was then pulled tight between her pussy lips giving her a delicious looking bondage camel toe, looping the excess around her wrists and pulling the bonds tightly her master looked down and admired his submissive blond wife who now lay trussed up and helpless on their bed.  Bondage and tying had become an integral part of her training in the slave lifestyle and she was now able to tolerate incredibly tight bonds which his past playthings would have been unable to stand…

neck tied to pussy 

See this submissive wife and many other amateur slave girls submitted exclusively at Amateur Tied.

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Young Amateur Bondage Girl Gets Tied Up

by on Oct.17, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

These college students have taken their first steps on the road down the BDSM lifestyle experimenting with some soft bondage at home.  With her feet tied to her bed’s headboard and her arms tied to the TV stand this submissive wannabe has been racked out along the length of her bed.  Her boyfriend begins to tease her, stripping her to reveal her body whilst her best friend giggles and snaps a tonne of pictures.


You can see what fun these guys got up to in their bondage experiments at Amateur Tied.

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Red Head Girl Tied Up To End Of Bed And Gagged

by on Oct.17, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

Jenny here has been tied up by her boyfriend Max who tightly tied her wrists to the end of their bed then gagged her and proceeded to humiliate his captive bitch by cock slapping her around the face repeatedly.  Finally he removes her gag and jerks himself off right into his enslaved sluts mouth!


See this red headed girlfriend tied up and abused BDSM style only at Amateur Tied.

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Hot Ass Girl Has Been Hog Tied

by on Oct.17, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

A sweet piece of ass has been hogtied in this great set of amateur bondage pics that I spotted posted over at Amateur Tied.  With lovely white rope binding her ankles wrists and wrapped around her neck this girl has been tied up expertly by her dominant boyfriend who loves to show off his bound slave online.


See the full session and all the bondage pics they took over at Amateur Tied.

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Girl Tied Up With Tape By Girlfriend

by on Oct.17, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

Lisa here was invited around to Stacy and Tom’s flat for drinks one night but had no idea what lay in store for her.  Lisa had caught Tom’s eye several weeks earlier and like the well trained submissive that she was Stacy had been more than willing to obey her master’s command and lure her friend into his home.  Once a few drinks had been consumed by all the conversation turned to more and more intimate sexual topics.  Eventually Lisa mentioned the word bondage and Stacy seized upon it squealing, “ooooh i’ve got some bondage tape.. why don’t we try it out?”.


Without waiting for a reply Stacy raced to the bedroom and returned with a roll of tape. Pulling her friend onto the floor she began wrapping her arms and wrists in tape whilst Lisa giggled and made a feeble attempt at protest.  Tom sat back on the sofa watching the events before him unfold.  He felt his cock harden but ignored it his gaze focussed intently on the two girls in front of him.  Next Stacy tied Lisa’s ankles she was now fully bound and giggling on the floor.  Stacy opened her friends top to reveal her pert breasts then proceeded to pull down her trousers.  Lisa didn’t resist.  At this point Tom stepped forward camera in hand.  This was his time he thought, time to be master and take control of the two girls on the floor before him…

See the full set from this evenings events submitted by Tom over at Amateur Tied.

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Very Hot Young Wife Hogtied On Her Bed

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

This beautiful girl is Mia the hot submissive wife of Mark.  This UK bondage couple are regular contributors over at Amateur Tied sharing explicit pictures of them enjoying the BDSM lifestyle.  In this exquisite set of pictures Mia has been hogtied with a long length of red rope and forced to lay prone on their bed.  After posing for this set of photo’s Mia was rewarded by being allowed to suck Mark’s aching manhood until he shot a thick bolt of cum into her mouth which overflowed and spilled out onto her chin.


Patting her on the head Mark whispered to  his submissive wife, “good girl…”. You can see all of the action submitted by these bondage fans only at Amateur Tied.

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Cocooned In Rope This Girl Is Tied Up And Gagged On The Floor

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

After slapping some adhesive tape over this girls mouth, Klaus sat back and admired his handiwork.  This delightful submissive slave in her white lingerie and stockings had been tied up exquisitely with a massive amount of white rope.  The masterpiece had taken almost an hour to complete and Klaus regarded it as a work of art.  Feeling an irresistible urge to share the experience with other like minded folk he fetched his camera and began to take photo’s of his captive victim.  His sub squirmed and looked unhappy at this. It most definitely hadn’t been part of the deal she had agreed to…


No matter. Her masters mind was set and he proceeded to take his pictures and then forced his submissive to watch as he posted them online at Amateur Tied right in front of her.  Her heart sank.

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Girl Tied Up And Handcuffed Then Fucked

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

This fresh eighteen year old girl has had her ankles tied to the metal frame of her headboard with the belts from her dressing gowns. Then her hands were handcuffed high above her head to the metal framework of her bed.  Naked and with her legs hoisted high and held open this girls shaven pussy was laid bare for her master to admire and then punish…


Using a mains powered dildo her plugs it deep inside her snatch and pounds it hard into her.  Instantly her clit began to swell from the vibrations whilst her quim oozed her juices which flowed out of her and ran down her ass crack.  SMACK! Her master cracked his hand down there on her bare ass. A red handprint emerged on her white flesh. CRACK! A second spank came down hard this time on her other cheek. She yelped with a heady mixture of pain and delight.  Both Sub and Dom knew that this was going to end up being a crazy session!

See everything that happened to this tight fresh girl whilst she was tied up over at Amateur Tied.

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Two Girls Tied Up And Bound At Home

by on Oct.11, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

Brett had the pleasure of binding these two gorgeous brunette girls at his home.  He knotted the rope expertly and began with some shabari style tying before moving on to stripping these girls down to their panties and hog tying them.  The girls giggled and squealed at this their first bondage experience.  With their experienced Dom to show them the ropes they quickly got into the swing of things allowing themselves to be spanked, stripped abused, and even fucked!


See these two girls tied up expertly by Brett and submitted to Amateur Tied.

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Tied Up Girl Bends Over On Bed

by on Oct.11, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

With her nice round ass and lovely shaven pussy on display this anonymous bondage girlfriend has been bent over on the bed her head stuffed deep into the mattress as her hands and legs have been tied together with thick white rope.  This BDSM loving sub is only twenty four years old but has fully embraced the lifestyle, squealing with delight as she is tormented by her master who punishes her by savagely spanking and caning this lovely peach ass.

tied up and bent over slut

Spanking was only the first stage of her punishment though and the tied up submissive girl was subjected to a brutal ass fucking with a giant butt plug before having a pinwheel rolled all over her ass piercing her skin and leaving her ass brutalized!

You can see the whole ordeal at Amateur Tied.

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Very Hot Girl Tied Up To A Table

by on Sep.27, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

This sexy submissive wife followed her masters instructions and climbed onto the table before laying back and awaiting further instructions.   Her dom stepped forward and produced a length of white cord which he began to tie around her left wrist. He then proceeded to loop the cord around the leg of the table then up and around her her ankle.  He then fed it back up between her sexy long legs over her exposed pussy and attached it to the bindings on her left wrist.  Now wrapping the cord around her right wrist as well he pulled tight on the slack and her hands came together tightly.

Passing the cord back between her legs he allowed his fingers to pause for a moment over his subs clean shaven pussy.  A tiny postage stamp of carefully trimmed pubic hair was all that remained of the hairy thatch that she had had at the beginning of the evening.  He repeated his technique to her right leg passing the cord around and under securing her firmly to the table before again securing the slack at her wrists.


Now fully tied up and helpless his sub looked up at him expectantly.  Her dom removed his belt and let his jeans drop to the floor.  He pulled the submissive slut along the table towards him and thrusting hard he inserted his love truncheon straight into her gaping pussy.  She gasped out loud as he fucked her harder and harder.  She began to moan loudly and he clasped his hand over her face using the hand gag to suppress her moans.  It didnt take him long to shoot his load and fill this sluts cunt with his baby batter.  Cum dribbled out of her pussy as he stood back still wanking slowly as droplets of cum dripped onto the wooden floor.  Tied up and now properly fucked his submissive girl just lay back and smiled…

See all of this over at Amateur Tied.  What are you waiting for?!?

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Slutty Girl In Stockings Tied Up And Exposed On Bed

by on Sep.26, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

This twenty year old sluts name is Michelle and she has been stripped almost bare by her boyfriend Luke.  One can only imagine how horny he felt seeing this tight bodied long legged girl in her black stockings and almost see thru panties.  Feeling the need to tease his slut Luke decided to bind her hands to her thighs with some lovely white cord.  Now that his girl had been tied up securely he was free to pull down her top exposing her pert little titties and to begin taking photos of this delightful submissive.


Next Luke decided to remove her panties and begin to tease her already juicing quim first with his fingers and then with the swollen head of his erect cock.  Slipping himself inside her he began to fuck his captive girlfriend. At first she struggled against her bonds but she had been tied up too well.  Her hands couldnt move and with Luke between her thighs filling her pussy with his meat tampon she was unable to move them either.  She began to accept her fate and her eyes rolled back in her head as she succumbed to the pleasure he was giving her.

For the rest of this amateur set head on over to Amateur Tied.

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Girl Student Tied Up To Her Bed

by on Sep.17, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

This sophomore  slut in her half length fishnet stockings has had her calves and thighs bound together to preven her straightening her legs.  Then additional ropes tie her in place so that she cannot move.  Now, securely tied up,  the slut is blindfolded and photographed.  This submissive students master is her boyfriend Trent.  Scarcely able to control his arousal Trent inserts his manhood into the waiting cum recepticle and fucks his sub for all she’s worth.  His right hand gripped her by the throat and angled her head forcing it deeper into the pillow.


She struggled for breath but the sensation of the asphyxiation coupled with the pleasure from her now throbbing pussy resulted in a muffled, almost painful sounding orgasm. Emptying himself into her Trent released his grip as his sub gasped for air.  Her cheeks began to return to a normal colour and Trent smiled as he fondled his cock which was still dripping spunk over his sluts fresh blue sheets.  This bitch is gonna suffer, he thought to himself as he reached for his toolkit

Check out Trent’s submissive girl tied up over at Amateur Tied now.

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College Girl Tied Up By Friends

by on Sep.17, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

girltiedup-48 Bondage fun at the college dorms here when this student girl got tied up by a couple of her male friends.  Unfortunately they didnt strip this bitch down and get us some money shots but they did however tie her  up and tease her pretty good.  Even better they shot it all on cam and submitted it through to Amateur Tied for the rest of us to enjoy.  I spy some nice tan lines on the backs of her thighs too in these pics.  I wish her friends had turned those red cheeks white by giving her firm looking buttocks a good fucking spanking.

Ah well, we cant have everything I suppose 😉 Visit Amateur Tied if you want to see the rest of this tied up girls pictures.

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Hooker Tied Up And Spanked

by on Sep.17, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

Blindfolded and with hands tied up behind her back with bondage tape, this girl gets spanked mercilessly by her friend with a leather strap.  Her little red plaid school skirt rides up over her ass cheeks as the strap cracks down upon her exposed buttocks time after time.  From the look of this set Jon had a fantastic time with these two escorts who specialise in putting on BDSM shows for their clients.  I would most definitely pay $200 for an hour with the pair of these. Not only are they bondage fans but are also hot as hell.  Finding girls so young who are so keen on BDSM and who loved to be tied up is an achievement in itself!  Thanks for sharing your photos Jon. Be sure to send through the pics from your next session too!


See the rest of Jon’s $200 hooker session over at Amateur Tied.

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School Girl Gets Hog Tied

by on Sep.17, 2009, under Girls Tied Up

This little slut decided to give her man a 30th birthday treat that he wouldn’t forget in a hurry.  She dressed as a schoolgirl and lay in wait for him to come home from work.  He arrived home to find her on their sofa with hers legs spread gently teasing her already juicing pussy.  Dropping his bag he walked towards her unbuttoning his flies and lowering his pants as he came closer.  She reached out and took his cock in her hand which hardened rapidly to her touch. She began to pump the length of it, his uncircumcised hood slipping back and forth easily under her grip.  She began to suck her man and within minutes his seed was spilling over her chin.  “How was that"?” she had asked.  “Great. But there’s something else i want to do…” came the reply. 

He led his girl to the kitchen and told her to lay on the floor, he rummaged through a cupboard and emerged holding a length of rope.   He bound her arms tightly to her body then tied her wrists together before repeating the bindings upon her ankles. Finally he linked the two knots and left her hog tied upon his kitchen floor.  “Now I have you where i want you,” he said. He again turned his attention to the kitchen’s storage units this time opening a drawer.  He reached in and pulled out a rolling pin triumphantly.  Stepping forward he knelt and began to penetrate her with it.  She moaned loudly at the sudden feeling of being penetrated by such a large object.  Tied up and helpless, his girl had little choice but to submit to his will…


Why not check out the rest of this amateur schoolgirl bondage set over at Amateur Tied.

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